From the recording Just Me

Reunion is the 6th and final episode/track of my album Just Me.
This easy listening song meanders down a reminisce of old high school friends. On a side note this album is being release in 2021 which marks our 40th high school reunion.


Title: Reunion
written by Ray Asaph Jan 2021,2021
This ballad is a nostogic remenice of those precious high school years and my deepest well wishes to all my high school friends.
Coincidently this album is being released on a year that marks my 40th high school reunion.

Reunion song.
Hello my friends it’s been awhile.
I recognize your smile.
We since traveled many miles.

Reminiscing of high school years.
We shared laughs, love and fear.
All those thing I hold dear.

And I know, it is still hard to bare.
High school lovers that once cared.
Broken hearts beyond repair.


I’m sitting wanting to know.
When you left, where did you go.
Did you make the best of every day.
Hope life went your way.
On and on we go.

We never though we would see the end.
But senior year began.
Life was hard to comprehend.

And on our senior year.
We searched for our career.
Said goodbyes with lasting tears.

Prom songs echo amoung our ears.
Doesn’t seem like 40 years.
Since we wiped away those tears.


And I know it’s hard to say.
Some of us have passed away
Others live another day.

So our youthful days are gone.
With memories we carry on.
But we share a special bond.

I wish you all the best.
Joy, love and happiness.
I hope your life is blessed.