From the recording Just Me

My Cape Breton Home (episode 3) is the 3rd song on my Album Just Me.
The young lad sets out on his life's journey leaving life and love behind.


About this song:
1. Written in 2020
2. A broken hearted teenage lad leaves home to embark on his life’s journey.

Red sky in the morning sailor take warning
The storms in my, mind, I miss Cape Breton, so.
Red sky in the night, sailors delight.
I want to I sailed my way to my cape breton home.

When I was a young lad I loved my home land.
But I wanted to make money and grow as a man.
I jumped on an airplane and off to B.C.
Work for my brother in mud to my knees.

Then I got recued by old love back home.
I followed her to the place I once roamed.
Was hard to make a living no matter how hard we tried.
So we left Cape Breton with tears in our eyes.

Verus 3
We got good jobs had two lovely girls.
Parents came to see our new world.
No matter of money, no matter of greed.
It couldn’t take the Cape Breton boy out of me.

Now the children have grown and our hair has turned grey.
Our heart is now torn our girls moved way.
We suffered the pain of a now empty nest.
We headed to Cape Breton to live out the rest.

Red sky in the morning sailor take warning
No storm in my mind missing Cape Breton, so.
Red sky in the night, sailors delight.
We sailed our way back to our Cape Breton home.
I’m glad I sailed my way back to my Cape Breton home.