From the recording Just Me

Let It Hurt (episode 2) is track 2 of 6 of my Album Just me.


About this song: written in 2006. A father's advice to his love sick teen. "Let It Hurt don’t run".

A young lad, love sick
My eyes were red as the rain came down.
Dad read me like a book,
Life can get you down.

I will never, love again
The best I can be, is be a friend.
My dreams of love are dead.
With a gentle smile dad said.

Let it hurt, don’t run.
That’s the thing that makes you strong.
Learn from your mistakes.
Admit, when you did wrong.
Hurt will pass, you will see
It won’t be there, when you are old like me.
Keep loving without fear.
Learn to love your precious tears.
Always keep your memories near.

verse 2

Two girls, of my own.
Their eyes were red, when they got home.
Their dreams of love were dead.
So I told them what dad had said.


Written 2016