Air fal la la lo

Air fa la la lo (Partly song in Gaelic)

Lost Caper

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This song pleads for brotherhood of all man no matter of our difference. Perhaps this song should be played and shared until it is imbedded in our heads and humanity reaches a higher level of maturity.

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This is a Celtic song composed in the mid 1700 by Duncan Ban MacIntyre. John Allan Cameron made this song a Celtic favourite sometime in the seventies.

It was originally written in the Gaelic language and was a song of romantic love but through translation and over the the time of 320 years has been translated to a song of brotherhood and love for all man.

Enjoy Ray

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My Cape Breton home

My Cape Breton Home

Ray Asaph

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My Cape Breton Home

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This is my original music video that tells the heart breaking story of having to leave my Cape Breton home in order to earn a living. Many of us have felt the emptiness of looking in the car's mirror and watching the "Welcome to Cape Breton" sign disappear as we drove off our beloved island. Guess I am no different but as the song tells, I eventually sailed my way back home.

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will ye go lassie go

To the best of my knowledge, Will ye go lassie go is a 200 year old song. “will ye go lassie go” is an Irish Folk song which is a variant of the song Braes of Balquhither. which was written in the late 1700 by Robert Tannahill. 

It was reworked by Francis McPeake and was dedicated to his wife. Francis’s son added a verse when his father remarried. The McPeake recorded this song in 1950 and retitled it to Wild Mountain Thyme. 

Even Burnie Saunders showed up on this video.  

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