River's Lament

River's Lament 

The things that I am feeling, I must have to turn and face.. 

So what is this since of yearning, for a lost time and place? 

My life lay before me, from now until the end. 

So this yearning of nostalgia, this pain I have to mend. 

We’ll cast our line upon the water, and chat upon the shore. 

We’ll share our catch around the fire, and never ask for more. 

We’ll stay at river’s edge till dark, walk to camp by light of moon. 

We’ll cook over fire pit, eat with finger we forgot the spoon. 

We’ll laugh about the day’s events as the salmon splash in pools. 

We’ll hide our heads inside sleep bags; the night is brisk and cool. 

We’ll be awakened at the crack of dawn by the singing of the birds. 

We’ll lay in bed and listen to, the sweetest songs that can be heard. 

We’ll fish the pools we’ve grown to love, net each others trout. 

We’ll not count on luck to help us; we will help each other out. 

We’ll be sad to see this trip come to end, the memories will transcend 

Then my yearning for this lost time and place; will soon begin again.

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