Somewhere On A River Poem 

I found this poem I wrote in 2007. It is about my buddy Marvin who passed away at age 35. Marvin was a great guy with a crazy sense of humour whom I had many 3 day fishing trip with on the upper reaches of the North Branch of the Main Miramichi. With no further ado,  here is the poem. 


Somewhere On a River 

Somewhere on a river 

My mind drifts far away 

Thinking of my fondest thoughts 

Memories of yesterday. 

Four good friends together 

We laughed and worked as one 

To canoe our way up river 

Before we lost the sun. 

We pitched our tent we made our bed 

All our work was done 

Laughing faces flickered by campfire light 

Until the morning sun. 

As time goes on things come to pass 

These times once had by all 

One of us four has since laid to rest 

The others busy with life’s calls. 

Yet when we meet we start to talk 

We plan a fishing trip for three 

We will surely take the other 4th guy 

But only in memories 

When God decides to take our youth 

Will there be anyone to take our place 

Or will this intimacy be forgotten 

Among the human race. 

There is too much to comprehend 

To understand life’s twisted maze 

Modern Man lives with inflated self worth 

I choose to stick to my ancient ways.

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