Moose On The Loose 

Many believe a cow moose with a calf is one of the dangerous animals in my neck of the woods.   I got out of the truck to get some close up pictures and walked within 50 meters of her.  She got between me and the calf and put her ears back.  I knew it was time for me to leave so I turn towards the truck.  She started towards me as I scrambled up the bank and to the truck.  My wife got scared and closed the door of the truck.  Didn't take me long to reopen it and get inside.  I asked my wife was she trying to collect insurance money when she closed the door?lol  Ya I survived another one. 

The calf was nice shape but the cow seemed very week. I believe she was old or was sick because she did not look very good.  Local people said they seen the calf a few weeks later but did not see the mother.  Most of the guys believe nature took it course and the cow died but left a legacy of a beautiful bouncing baby calf.

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