A Shot in the Dark in the Summer of 2000 

After a three hour drive we arrived at Jewel’s house (Damien’s father) in Juniper. Damien’s family and friends gathered around the yard. The yard became dotted with old fast cars and big trucks which seem to be a big favorite in these parts of New Brunswick. A few beers and a bit a whiskey was had and plans were being discussed of getting up early and heading up river on our 3 day canoe/fishing trip. Denny, Damien’s cousin, showed up excited about all the fish at one of our favorite pools upstream. Learning of the fish excited us to the point where we decided to head up river that night. It was a about a 3 hour canoe trip in the dark. The dark and the rocks and the shallows were bad enough, but the bats swooping at us was the real challenge. I didn’t think Damien was scared of anything but trapped in a canoe having to pole over the shallow rapids in the dark with 500 bats touching your hair proved to be the real challenge. As Damien swung the boat pole wildly at the bats, the boat lost its position in the current and floated downstream and up against the bank. I thought we were goner but somehow the canoe stayed upright. Loosing the gear in the dark was not in the plans and I am glad we didn’t have to deal with that in our condition.

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