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Explore and experience powerful music from both big names and local artists from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia,  Canada. 

Genre include but not limited to Celtic, Rock, Country, Folk, Indie.

Listen and download my original and cover music. 

A little bit about Billie Joel.  

Billie Joel was born May 9, 1949 in the Bronx.  He dropped out of high school to follow his music passion.  I guess that was a good decision because he became one of the best selling artist of all times.   

Billie is a genius musician song writer/lyricist.  He wrote all of his own music and he never wrote with the inspiration of what would sell.  He wrote from his heart but managed to have hit after hit with more than 150,00,000 albums sold.  He is one of my favourite artists and have stood the test of time.   In may of 2021 he will be 72 years young and is still performing but says he said everything he had to say so no longer rights.   

To mention just a couple of Billie's hit:. 

Piano Man

Goodnight Saigon (Official Video) https://youtu.be/Qjzjhl-QztE




Explore and experience the powerful meaning behind music from various artist including some of my own original music.    This site is in it's humble beginnings so check back as I will be adding lots of posts.   

Featured music video

This is my original music video that tells the heart breaking story of having to leave my Cape Breton home in order to earn a living.  Many of us have felt the emptiness of looking at the car's mirror and watching the Welcome to Cape Breton sign disappear as we drove off our beloved island.   Guess I am no different but as the song tells, I eventually sailed my way back home.   

Latest Track

Here you can enjoy the previews, lyrics and info about the music then purchase any of the full tracks.

Thanks for listening. 

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    My Cape Breton Home.

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    Will ye go lassie go

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